Invest to Israel Report, October 2023


A total of 28 investment and acquisition projects occurred in October, with a total disclosed investment of approximately US$769 million; of which there were 25 investment projects, with a total disclosed investment of approximately US$750 million.

Acquired Israeli companies include: cancer treatment biotechnology company VBL Therapeutics, wireless solutions provider Siklu, and Dig Security cloud data security company.

Until October, the Israeli deals that China has involved in 2023 include: One Zero, Hexa, TinyTap, Optima Design Automation, NoTraffic, 40Seas, MitrAssist technology and Neteera Technologies.

In October 2023, Israel has a total of 25 investment projects.

Popular industries focus on scientific engineering, hardware, software, healthcare, information technology, privacy and security, biotechnology, data analysis, artificial intelligence and sustainable development.

Cross-border investments mainly come from the United States (7), Germany (2), China (1), France (1), United Kingdom (1).

It should be noted that some of the investment projects originated from multiple investors from different countries.

This article is based on publicly available market data at the time of publication.

Lsit of Investment Deals in October

Company nameShort introduction
NeteeraContactless patient monitoring technology
ParaZero - Drone Safety SystemsDrone safety solutions
G Medical InnovationsNext-generation mobile health (mHealth) and e-health companies
Ceragon Networks5G wireless transmission solution
BrandShieldDigital risk protection
Blockaidweb3 network security protection
VariantyxGenomic testing precision medicine company
SpeakArtificial Intelligence-Based Language Learning App
Purple BiotechInnovative biopharmaceutical R&D company
IM CannabisMedical cannabis research and development
SciSparcCannabinoid clinical stage pharmaceutical development
ArctopNeural interface technology brain decoding software platform
GutsyProcess Mining security technology
ScyllaDBHigh-speed scalable database
Wanda Fish TechnologiesSustainable cell culture fishery farming technology
Beyond Oilfood technology company
GigablueIntegrated carbon capture, storage and monetization company
PhytolonSustainable natural food coloring technology
MitigaCybersecurity firm focused on responding to cloud and SaaS vulnerabilities
StampliAccounts Payable and Invoice Management Automation Platform
Electriq GlobalHydrogen carrier technology
CorticaIndependent artificial intelligence model development platform
Ashtrom Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy
IBC UnlimitedFiber optic internet network
XfloatArtificial Intelligence Powered Floating Photovoltaic System

List of M&A Deals in October

1. Dig Security cloud data security company

On October 31, 2023, Palo Alto Networks, the world's leading cybersecurity company, announced the acquisition of Dig Security, a data security posture management technology company. The acquisition amount has not been disclosed.

Palo Alto Networks provides next-generation cybersecurity services, powering its best-in-class cybersecurity platforms and services with threat intelligence and automation technologies.

Dig Security is an innovative cloud data security company founded in Israel in 2021.

Palo Alto Networks plans to integrate Dig Security's DSPM technology into Palo's Prisma Cloud platform to enhance Palo's capabilities in the field of cloud data security and help enterprises discover, classify, monitor and protect sensitive data in all cloud data storage , thereby providing users with visibility and control over multi-cloud data assets.

DSPM technology: Data Security Posture Management is a data security posture management technology that enables enterprises to effectively manage user access rights and implement strong security measures to protect against internal and external threats.

2. Siklu Wireless Solution Provider

On October 24, 2023, Ceragon Networks Ltd. announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Siklu for an enterprise value of $13 million to $15 million.

Ceragon Networks is a global provider of 5G wireless transmission solutions, helping global operators and other service providers improve operational efficiency and improve end-user quality of experience through innovative wireless backhaul and fronthaul solutions.

Siklu's wireless solutions have been providing multi-gigabit "wireless fiber" connections in the millimeter wave band, which are used by service providers and system integrators to provide 5G gigabit wireless access services.

The millimeter wave band is expected to be a growth area in the wireless transmission market in the next few years. This acquisition will increase Ceragon's market share in this area and provide it with Siklu's PtMP (Point-to-Multipoint, point-to-multipoint connection method) technology and an entry point into fixed wireless technologies. The combined company will provide more comprehensive solutions for private networks and small service providers. Ceragon expects the acquisition to generate approximately $25 million to $29 million in incremental revenue for the company in 2024.

3. VBL Therapeutics cancer treatment biotechnology company

On October 16, 2023, Notable Labs announced that it had completed its merger with VBL Therapeutics.

Notable Labs is a clinical-stage therapeutics platform company developing predictive precision medicines for cancer patients using its proprietary platform PPMP (Accelerating the Clinical Development Process by Determining Cancer Patient Response to Specific Treatments through Biosimulation and Predictive Analytics).

VBL Therapeutics (NASDAQ: VBLT) is an Israeli biopharmaceutical company focused on developing targeted therapies for immune-inflammatory diseases.

The combined company will focus on advancing Notable's predictive precision medicines platform and therapeutic pipeline, with a focus on cancer patients with unmet medical needs, while completing the development of its flagship program, volasertib, for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, AML.