Smart Match Membership
Function Details Individual Individual Enterprise
Search Search company, APP, Patent
8 live databases Company, Deal, Investor, APP, News, Patent, Event, Crypto Currency
Company business network Check company's business relationship (investors, invested deals, similar/related companies, acquirer, acquisition/sub org, key person, relevant companies of key person)
Company tracking News tracking of targeted companies and APPs by daily email notification
Online notes Making notes for targeted companies and APPs
Business analysis and Smart Graph One click to check analysis + smart auto graph + data export (global deals update, global deal heat map, cross-border investment analysis, industry category mapping, global FDI regulatory restriction index, international trade, global macro economy) Demo version Demo version
Report Report search and download / /
Report data and template download / /
Smart matching AI Match and recommendation, consistently find potential partners globally 1 AI Matching 1 AI Matching 10 AI Matching
Data export To export data searching results / /
Data enrichment One click to enrich company data (from a simple company name or domain name, into multiple dimensions) / / 2000